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Corporate Philosophy 会社理念

We've manufactured our profiles with high spirit after careful consideration, and we've provided our products for all the customers faithfully, improving customer satisfaction since our company was established in 1966. Providing world-class quality custom extruded products, we've had the confidence of our customers. From now on, we maintain to provide our profiles to contribute to the human life and to create a high quality future .
And also we're aiming to provide customers with high quality and inexpensive products.

Our Management Stance   経営理念

We would like to have the full confidence of customers by producing what customers really want and by meeting the request quickly . Because our highly skilled operators help younger employees to share their expertise, skills, and know-how, our technology has been succeed . We would never give up improving our skills and we wolud never give up challenging to improve our new skills. And we would like to contribute to our society.

Quality Policy   品質方針

Our aim is to make the customers happier with better quality by all of the our employees. This is our ISO 9000 Quality Policy. We are proud ofour job and we wolud meet the demeet the demands.

Company Profile 会社概要

Name Eikokasei Co., Ltd.
Foundation March 1966
Establishment June 16, 1973
Capital ¥27,000,000

Scope of Business

1.Manufacture and processing & sales of synthetic resin products
2.Businesses related to the above-mentioned items
Representative Representative Director Eiji Miyahara
Head Office and Factory 〒587-0051
218-1 Kitaamabe, Mihara, Sakai, Osaka, Japan  FAX 072-361-9222
Chihaya Factory 908-4 Suibun, Chihayaakasaka, Minamikawachi, Osaka
       FAX 0721-72-1339    
U R L http://www.eikokasei.com/

Our History 会社概要

March 1966 Founded the plastic extrusion processing industry at Sumiyoshi, Osaka as Eikokase Industry to manufacture and sell plastic products.
February 1968 Moved the industry to 4 Kamisuwayama, Higashisumiyoshi, Osaka to add manufacturing facilities.
October 1969 Founded the new secondary processing industry at 5 Kizuri Higashiosaka.
May 1971 Moved the head office and factory to 8 Kamikita, Hirano, Osaka.
June 1973 Established Eiko Co., Ltd. with capital of ¥3 million.
March 1974 Increased capital to ¥5 million.
April 1974 Moved the head office and factory to 1 Kamihigashi, Hirano, Osaka in order to produce our own compounds and to extrude plastic profiles.
December 1976 Further increased capital to ¥10 million.
January 1989 Established the Chihaya Factory at Chihayaakasaka, Minamikawachi, Osaka.
May 1990 Further increased capital to ¥20 million.
March 1990 Further increased capital to ¥27 million.
November 2000 Received ISO 9001 certification.
May 2005

Moved the head office and factory to Kitaamabe, Mihara, Sakai.

February 2015

Introduced die-making equipment.

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