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Our Skills 技術

Flexible Manufacturing System

To provide our customers with satisfactory quality all the times, we have flexible and reliable manufacturing systems By means of connected network with group's companies, we can provide customers with many different kinds of small volume production and a large amount of volume production. we are proud to produce profiles designed to meet customers' specific requirements more efficiently and to improve production quality.

Original One-Stop Solution

①To manufacture dies
②To produce raw materials
③To create the profile of desired shape
④To process with demands of customs

We do all these six necessary processes in our own company(group's companies), moreover we succeed in reproducing wastage and streamlining our extruding operations. If something happens in manufacturing or processing steps, by immediate feedback and by the improved procedure of the process, we produce profiles advantageously, so that we could maintain one of the highest levels of quality assurance. We have received "ISO 9001" certification.    

Superior Capabilit

Most common thermoplastic polymers such as PVC, ABS, AES, ASA, PS, PP, PE, elastomer, urethane resin can be used for extrusion. We are uniquely capable of processing products extensively and manufacturing them speedy to meet individual needs. We create extrusions for construction equipment parts such as window frames, building's materials, decorative trim and parts of home appliances. And we continue to promote environmental protection activities by recycling of products and resources.

Beautiful Finish

Beautiful Finish is the proof of elaboration and high-quality, and it is very important element to determine the grade of the products. In addition to years of plastic extrusion experience, our talented staffs are determined to manufacture the highest quality products with beautiful finish under strict inspection.

Our Facilities 設備

extruder (90mm) 1
twin-screw extruder (90mm) 2
extruder (65mm) 11
extruder (50mm) 2
extruder (45mm) 2
extruder (40mm) 6
haul-off machine 21
Cutting machine 27
GT-110 extruder (compound) 1
mixing machine 1
automatic weighing machine 1
pellet cooler 1
material tank and pellet tank 1 each
press 6
inline press 3
crusher 3
multi-axle drilling machine 1
other secondary processing facilities (drilling machine,etc) many
die-making equipment 1
◎ cooperation company of secondary processing (exclusively) 3
◎ cooperation company of die making 2